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Kaitlyn HarlowMother On The Move


About Me

                Hello! Welcome to my efolio page. My name is Kaitlyn Rose Harlow.  I'm approaching graduation here at Holy Cross College.  I moved from Indiana to California when I was 12.  I attended Sheldon High School, it was a liberal arts high school that offered classes of all kinds.  My graduating class was over 700 students. Then I went to Cosumnes River College; it is a community college in Sacramento, California.  I took five straight semesters before I decided it was time to go somewhere else and do something different.  Cosumnes River College was a good start for my education. 

                Then I moved back to Indiana, I was 20 at this point.  When I moved to back I knew I needed to apply to colleges.  So I applied to Holy Cross and I was excited because I got in.  To top it off I was able to live in a dorm, which was a whole new experience for me considering I had always lived with my parents.   Staying in the dorm was an interesting experience and something new for me because I got to live on my own and did not have to foot the bills.  Sadly, I only lived in the dorm for one semester.  I decided to commute from home instead of living on campus.  My first year at Holy Cross was over so quickly and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

                I signed up for summer classes and then I had withdrew from summer classes because I found out I was pregnant and I was unable to drive an hour every day without having to stop multiple times due to morning sickness.  I ended up taking that year off to have my daughter and spend time with her considering I had no idea what to do, but I figured it out just in time for me to sign up for classes again and become pregnant with my second child.  Before I even knew I was pregnant with the second I knew I wanted to go back and finish my degree, not only for me but so I could provide a good life for my daughters. 

                Break was over and it was time to jump back into things and move towards my goal of graduation.  I finished the semester like it was a piece of cake.  In reality it was a lot of work for me.  However, this last semester is extremely hard because I'm constantly moving, am never home, going to school three days a week and interning the other two.  Don't let me fool you when I smile and say it's fine. The only way to survive and make it out the other end is all about time management which I 'am still having trouble with.  As long as I keep moving it gets easier to deal with because I know what to expect. 

                Finally after all this time I am graduating in December 2013.  This is an extremely big accomplishment for me because I honestly didn't know if I was going to make it out alive or not, or even finish for that matter.  I think having my daughters made this possible for me because as driven as I was before I'm even more dedicated to my education now because I have two little girls who depend on me and I don't want to let them down.   They are my world and I wouldn't change it for anything

                My efolio goes more in-depth on the topics that are very important to the Holy Cross experience such as: academics, mind, body and spirit, the college competencies, and the four pillars.  Each of categories are discussed more in-depth if you click on the left hand tabs they expand and have different subcategories so you can learn more my personal experience with them.  

                You can also attend my capstone: December 6 at 2:30pm in the Pfeil  Center Conference Room at Holy Cross College.

holy cross college

Holy Cross College is a Catholic, co-ed, four year institution that uses the liberal arts curriculum.  Founded in 1966 and continues to be administered by the  Brothers of Holy Cross, a society of religious men within the Congregation of Holy Cross (CSC).  They serve through ministries that help teach the world the need for justice and peace. They accept students from every state as well as 30 different countries.  

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